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Pro Hac Vice

What is pro hac vice? 

This is the mechanism by which you--with the assistance of your local counsel--can appear to practice in another jurisdiction without taking the bar examination.  Ordinarily, the local counsel will agree to sponsor or serve as the local representative of the national/regional counsel.  The out-of-state counsel will usually have to supply a certificate of good standing from another jurisdiction and pay a small fee.  These are limited, temporary arrangements.

A formal definition is as follows:

pro hac vice

: (proh hock vee-chay) prep. Latin for "this time only," the phrase refers to the application of an out-of-state lawyer to appear in court for a particular trial, even though he/she is not licensed to practice in the state where the trial is being held. The application is usually granted, but sometimes the court requires association with a local attorney.

Every state page in Use Local Counsel will have links to the state and federal pro hac vice rules.  

To review the American Bar Association's model rule on Pro Hac Vice, click here.

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