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Why Local Counsel? lists hundreds of attorneys and law firms that are interested in assisting out-of-state clients and national/regional counsel with in-state litigation. 

Several attorneys and law firms (usually three or five) are listed for every jurisdiction.  Enough to make a selection, but not too many.  They are never ranked.  Instead, we hope that you will contact all of the listed attorneys and law firms and make an educated choice. 

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Where do you begin?

Are you a client looking for an attorney in a new jurisdiction?

All you need to do is begin browse the listings by jurisdiction--either by state or metropolitan area.

Are you a national/regional counsel looking for local counsel to assist you in a new jurisdiction where your client has been sued?

As with a client user, you can browse the attorneys and law firms by state or metropolitan area.

Are you a law firm/attorney that has been listed by

Congratulations!  Feel free to let everyone know about your ranking.  See our media page regarding the acceptable terms of use--which are not at all restrictive.  We strongly encourage you to place a link to on your website and to follow-us on Twitter.

Are you a law firm/attorney that has not been listed by

If you believe that you are qualified to be listed by, please feel free to contact us and explain your experience/qualifications in that capacity.  We will review. 

In the interim, you may want to consider sponsoring the page for your state or jurisdiction. 

Popular States:

The Local Advantage! attorneys and law firms will have the best and most complete knowledge regarding:

  • The law of the state--this is obviously important.
  • The procedure of the state--this is the detail that causes most national/regional counsel and clients the most trouble.   
  • The details of the local jurisdiction, if not the specific judge--many judges have their own court rules.

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